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Slowing Rotation Countdown!
started June 13, 2003

Undeniable Evidence of slowing exists. This countdown page has been started, in step with the Red Dust that is predicted to appear almost in step with rotation slowing, to form a baseline. A manual clock or watch, not an atomic clock or watch adjusted by the Navy to disguise rotation slowing, is recommended. Placing a Marker to determine difference per day is recommended, not checking with any published Sunrise/Sunset times controlled by the Navy. Planet X as a gravity influence Bending Sunlight should be taken into consideration. Reports below are taken to be sincere, but some deliberate Disinfo should be expected.

Note: August 10 2004 severe Earth Wobble, tilt North sunrise, South sunset in USA.
Note: August 20 2004 demonstrable Earth Wobble, late USA, early Japan.
Note: Sep 1 2004 Earth Wobble
Confirmed in Europe, Japan, US!
Note: Sep 20 2004 Day getting longer, not shorter, in Northern Hemishpere.
Note: Oct 31 2004 Swings from EARLY to LATE show Earth Wobble has returned!.

Nov 1, 2004 Notice: In consideration of a heavier interview schedule and more rapid Earth changes, and the expectation that a 270° roll will occur before serious rotation slowing to a stop occurs, this Slowing page will be quiesced until after the roll when rotation stoppage becomes the main focus. Many thanks to the faithful timekeepers, who helped confirm the Earth wobble and tilt, and established the routine that will prove to be a life saver when the time comes to determine serious and steady rotation slowing.

We are looking for the change, the rapid change for any given timekeeper. Those who have been using manual clocks have noted that we are already 15, 20, 25 minutes late, depending on their notes, slower, the atomic clock clicking along and changing so that this is not apparent to people who are looking at their clocks and the constellations overhead and the like. But this is just due to a very gradual slowing of the Earth, the difference between atomic and manual clocks, manual clocks being what the real time would be had it not been updated by the Navy surreptitiously. But rotational surging is also a confusion. You should look for the change for yourself. If you are currently experiencing perhaps a 45 minute delay at noon from your marker, one day it becomes and hour and 15 minutes, the next day it’s another half hour later again. This is your clue that something drastic is happening. We encourage people to report this type of timekeeping to Nancy. It does not matter whether you’ve been doing this for 3 months. Set a baseline at noon, and watch that, where the Sun sets, the shadow falls, every day. You should not be seeing a one or two minute change when those days come that you should worry about, but jumps, such as a half an hour, one day after another. Then the alarm bell should go off.
ZetaTalk: Slowing Determination
Note: Those without an old Farmer's Almanac or PC based (unaltered) Planetarium softward such as Skymap to reference are determining sunrise/sunset times the TV, newpapers, or Navy sites, which are adjusted. Thus, NOON markers are more accurate and sunrise/sunset only relative to Navy time. Farmer's Almanac now announced as a terrorist tool, by the FBI accordingly.
Note: Relative change, per timekeeper, noted in [brackets] as a guide, since different baselines are used by timekeepers.

Trends the week going into the Solstice, June 13 to 19 2003: a shorter day, rather than longer day, was noted in the Northern Hemisphere going into the Summer Solstice; high noon consistently noted as late. Trends the week of/after the Solstice, June 20 to 26 2003: red sunsets; sunrises and high noon noted as late; intense blinding sunlight from double suns. Trends the week of June 27 to July 3 2003: onset of late and blood red sunsets, Navy date/time site offline. Trends the week of July 4 to 10 2003: late noon and sunset increase almost daily but rotation surging. Trends the week of July 11 to 17 2003: sunsets swung earlier then later, noon and sunrise creep steadily later, red dust from horizon to horizon reported. Trends the week of July 18 to 24 2003: later noon by larger steps, erratic sunrise/set, dual suns confusing matters. Trends the week of July 25 to 31 2003: serious rotational surging, as increased quakes and volcanic eruptions occur at the Atlantic Rift grip times. Trends the week of Aug 1 to 7 2003: continuing and increasing rotational surging, major adjustment of the Antarctic Plate. Trends the week of Aug 8 to 14 2003: later noon, increasing rotational surging. Trends the week of Aug 15 to 21 2003: rotation slowing per longitude measure and Earth tilt and orbit disruption! Trends the week of Aug 22 to 28 2003: extreme rotation surging, moon utterly erratic, very late sunsets. Trends the week of Aug 29 to Sep 4 2003: full moon days early, very late noons, with latitude (Earth tilt) effect. Trends Sep 5 to 11 2003: Earth tilting and surging with Moon/Mars aberations noted, measurements late compared to all (even Navy) baselines. Trends Sep 12 to 18 2003: timekeepers with 3 month old baseline finding noon an hour late, Moon wildly off orbit. Trends Sep 19 to 25 2003: noon from baselines set 3 months ago showing an hour late, consistently, earth tilt changes noted and documented, Navy again adjusts their online website re sunrise/sunset times. Trends Sep 26 to Oct 2 2003: extreme surging, meteors increasing, photos show complex incoming. Trends Oct 3 to 9 2003: global surging confirmed with Russian timekeeping! Trends Oct 10 to 16 2003: daily slowing noons starting, up to minutes per day. Trends Oct 17 to 23 2003: Moon off phase, Mars of schedule, Earth Ecliptic bumped up. Trends Oct 24 to 30 2003: more erratic, earlier sunrise, later sunset, changes minutes per day. Trends Oct 31 to Nov 6 2003: Earth Orbit changes causing earlier noons. Trends Nov 7 to 13 2003: numerous counties concerned, participating. Trends Nov 14 to 20 2003: across the board slowing, but slight. Trends Nov 21 to 27 2003: Stasis. Trends Nov 28 to Dec 4 2003: dramatic eclipic rise, strong slowing at sunrise/sunset. Trends Dec 5 to 11 2003: swinging early/late, Earth in Ecliptic rise noted. Trends Dec 12 to 18 2003: early sunrise, late sunset, Earth orbit reversed? Trends Dec 19 to 25 2003: across the board slowing, minutes per day. Trends Dec 26 to Jan 2 2004: confused picture with orbit halt as well as slowing. Trends Jan 3 to 9 2004: orbit halt/reversal/slowing confusing the picture. Trends Jan 10 to 16 2004: N Pole drift toward Iceland. Trends Jan 17 to 23 2004: N Pole dift to Siberia. Trends Jan 24 to 30 2004: despite earlier sunrise/set due to orbit reversal, slowing evident. Trends Jan 31 to Feb 6 2004: N Pole drift to Mongolia, slowing continues. Trends Feb 7 to 13 2004: reversed orbit earlier sunrise/set offsets slowing. Trends Feb 14 to 20 2004: earlier northern hemisphere sunrise/set due to Ecliptic drop. Trends Feb 21 to 27 2004: extreme tilt causing earlier times in north, later in south. Trends Feb 28 to Mar 5 2004: later times being noted as week progresses. Tends Mar 6 to 12 2004: no extreme slowing yet, as the tug on Earth is causing tilting, not slowing. Trends Mar 13 to 19 2004: weary timekeepers noting no serious slowing. Trends Mar 20 to 31 2004: increased tilting after Mar 26 sweep. Trends: Apr 1 to 10 2004: slight earlier trend, due to tilt toward the Sun. Trends Apr 11 to 20 2004: little slowing noticed during time of increasing tilting and leaning. Trends Apr 21 to 30 2004: torque has West Coast early, East Coast not! Trends May 1-10 2004: Sweep 3rd-8th tilt earlier times. Treands May 11-20 2004: times moves from late to early, due to increased tilt. Trends May21-31 2004: tilt toward the Sun causing longer day. Trends Jun 1-10 2004: little change. Trends Jun 11-20 2004: later East, earlier West, increased lean! Trends Jun 21-30 2004: increased lean causing earlier sunrise, later sunset. Trends Jul 1-10 2004: wobbles during sweeps. Trends Jul 11-20 2004: reverse of expected after Solstice.Trends Jul 21-31 2004: severe Earth wobble. Trends Aug 1-10 2004: increasing Earth wobble. Trends Aug 11-20 2004: demonstrable Earth wobble, late USA, early Japan. Trends Aug 21-31 2004: extreme Earth wobble confirmed. Trends Sep 1-10 2004: extreme wobble changes.Trends Sep 11-30 2004: longer day in North. Trends Oct 1-31: extreme Earth wobble return shown in swings from early to late, day after day.

Note: a 2003 November Trend showing slowing in webcam photos when compared against Skymap!
Note: Nov 29 2003 Earth Tilt or Rise caused EARLY sunset in Boston and Philly.
Note: Nov 30 2003 Earth Tilt or Rise caused LATE sunrise on East Coast, commensurate EARLY in New Zealand.
Note: Dec 16-17 2003 LATE Sunrise but more normal Noon likely caused by Earth Tilt, S Pole toward Sun?
Note: Dec 18 2003 EARLY Sunrise, LATE Sunset, Earth orbit reversed?
Note: Dec 29 2003 slowing by minutes,
Sweeping Arms due Dec 25-30 affect, but no Soltice change, orbit reversed?
Note: Jan 4 2004 EARLY sunrise and sunset, orbit reversal at Sweeping Arms point apparent!
Note: Jan 9 2004 dramatic
TILT, N Pole at Iceland evidence from Italy and Worldwide complicates the picture, but slowing matches!
Note: Jan 19 2004
TILT, N Pole to Siberia, thense Mongolia, again complicates the picture, but slowing matches!.
Note: Jan 28 2004 EARLY across the board due to orbit halting and reversed, going into Fall, not Spring, position,
Almanac vs Navy differences by up to an hour!
Note: Feb 10 2004
Constellations show orbit reversal, so slowing offset and masked by earlier sunrise/sunset.
Note: Feb 19 2004 sweeping arm Earth dropped in
Ecliptic, earlier sunrise/set in northern hemisphere registering, evidence from Italy.
Note: Feb 27 2004 extreme
Tilt causing earlier times in north, later in south.
Note: Mar 26 2004
Tilt/Lean again caused earlier times in north (El Paso 3/29), later in south (Victoria 3/26)
Note: Apr 11 2004
Tilt/Lean, Apr 22 again, noted in Philly and Australia, creating temp earlier times, tilt toward the Sun, then later.
Note: Apr 30
Torque Effect has West Coast (Seattle 3/28) early, East Coast (Virginia 3/28) not!
Note: May 11-16 2004
Sweep moves times from LATE to EARLY, due to increased tilting.
Note: July 3 2004
Earth Wobble noted, differences between East and West Coast USA, Japan.
Note: July 20 2004
Longer Day, reverse of expected after Solstice.