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2003 Opportunists

ZetaTalk was the source of a warning about a passage of Planet X starting in 2003. Several opportunitists jumped on the band wagon, hoping to become the spokesperson if the prediction proved true. A year ahead of the May 15, 2003 prediction date, pro/con posturing by notables on the likelihood of a 2003 passage was evident. Hazelwood aggressively postured pro 2003 to grab the stage, with all the benefits that accrue. Hazlewood and McCanney have both switched their positions. Those posturing contrary to a start of changes in 2003 often had a common disinformation command source, their connection to NASA and the government, despite evidence the government took the prediction seriously, as ZetaTalk is a Targeted Message.

When =>ProCon<= When
Nov 2000Mark Hazlewood<=?=>Mark HazlewoodJan 2003
Aug 2002James McCanny<=?=>James McCannyNov 2000
David BoothFeb 2004
Zecharia Sitchin Always
Mitch BattrosAlways
sci.astro DebunkersAlways
Bad AstronomyAlways
Aug 2002Norlock
Space.COMAug 2002
Sep 2002Jelaila Starr
Sean MortonDec 2002
Jason MartellDec 2002
Dec 2002Richard Boylan
Sylvia BrowneDec 2002
Dec 2002Ed Dames<=?=>Ed DamesFeb 2004
Sorcha Faal Dec 2004