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The ZetaTalk message, being unpopular with the establishment who does not want the populace alerted to an inbound threat, has been forged, illegally, on the Usenets in 2002. Forging postings is an illegal act.

The owners of the SkepticalMind web site are presenting themselves on the web as ZetaTalk. Forging postings is an illegal act, and since ZetaTalk is protected under a Trademark, this is frankly illegal from this standpoint. Their ZetaTalk.NET and ZetaTalk.ORG sites are mirrors of the SkepticalMind.COM/zetatalk.html web site, and announced during a chat the intention of providing email addressed to debunkers.

Beyond these intentional forgeries, there is the action of a computer virus to Spoof.

In 2004 Nancy was posting on the GodlikeProduction Message Board, whereupon several other Nancy Lieder's sprang up to claim legitimacy, even conducting Private Messaging under the name of Nancy Lieder of ZetaTalk. Below, examples of the frauds. Queen Amadala of the Naboo (at right) is the true atavar of Nancy Lieder, a registered name.

Nancy Lieder™
Nancy Lieder