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ZetaTalk: Scallion's Predictions
Note: written Apr 15, 1997

Michael Gordon Scallion is a gifted visionary, on par with Edgar Cayce in this time. That his visions are not identified as exceptional is due to the maxim that visionaries are not valued in their present day to the extent they are when time has passed. Cayce, Nostradamus, and other great prophets likewise were treated with as much disdain as admiration during their day, and only gained their present stature over time. Mankind tends to treat their prophets like gods, raising them to this stature when the abilities are first recognized and then angrily rejecting them if they are not consistently accurate. Like children forever seeking a parent that will not leave or fail them, they demand perfection, when they themselves are far from perfect.

Scallion, like Cayce, is being guided in his visions as a result of having given The Call and being considered a worthy vehicle to relay messages to mankind. Just as some channeled work reflects genuine input from extraterrestrials, some prophets are likewise getting this input. As with all human interpretations of the input they receive, Scallion colors what he hears with his own judgments and spin.

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