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ZetaTalk: Edgar Cayce
Note: written May 15, 1996

Prophets bearing impelling messages are invariably inspired. Their message grips those hearing it because it carries a view humans under their own power could not come by. Unlike false prophets, whose pronouncements fall flat almost as soon as they are made, the words uttered by true prophets have the ring of truth, a thousand facets of reality lining up to support the prophecy as it unfolds. Prophets are remembered or gain notoriety where their track record was astonishing in its accuracy or immense in its impact.

Edgar Cayce, due to his accuracy on small personal matters and the resultant widespread notoriety, is living in memory still for his predictions on geological changes. His visions were most certainly inspired by a group of extraterrestrial entities, unknown and unnamed by humans, who operate disincarnate at a high level within the Service-to-Others orientation. Cayce was thus instrumental in alerting many about the coming changes, the tentacles of his prophetic reach spreading into many cultures and lands. He was selected from among the many who give The Call asking for such prophetic assists, not only because of his nature, which was greatly devoted to the general welfare, but also because of his natural gifts. Immensely telepathic for a human, and allowing himself to be in tune with all aspects of the humans he healed and in touch with all disincarnate entities willing to assist with the healing, he wasted not himself or his helpers in any of his endeavors. His gift of healing and his highly accurate intuition spread his fame, which in turn bolstered the widespread belief in his prophecies.

For those lucky enough to be entranced by his words, his message has not been lost.

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