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ZetaTalk: Trouble Makers
Note: written Oct 15, 1995

Humans, on their own accord, do violence to one another - murder, maim, torture, abandon in the face of devastation, plot the demise of rivals, enslave, wage war for the trophies, sacrifice each other, and live well on what the blood of others bought.

What would be the state of affairs had alien entities not responded to The Call, in the hypothetical situation where the rules would have been such that humans could not be contacted by aliens of either orientation. Where the birth of the AIDS and Ebola viruses were assisted by information, pointers, given to members of the CIA who had given The Call to those in the Service-to-Self, and where the Nazis who conducted so-called medical experiments on those interned in their death camps were likewise advised on how to create the deepest sense of helplessness in their victims by those in the Service-to-Self whom they had called, nevertheless the equation computing overall impact must take into consideration the countervailing activities of those in the Service-to-Others. Vaccines, high yielding domestic plants, anti-pollution measures, and the social structure you term democracies all have the stamp of aliens working in the Service-to-Others who have responded to The Call from humans of like intent.

In any major conflict, such as a war or the imposition of repressive social measures, one can find aliens in the Service-to-Self working in the background to create or enhance the environment that reaps the most recruits for their orientation. Controlled, repressive environments, where free thinking and freedom of action is limited or made difficult, where the individual feels abandoned and frightened, where the focus is perforce on the self and thoughts of others crowded out, all these favor the development of recruits in the Service-to-Self. But likewise, in major conflicts or working quietly behind the scenes are those in the Service-to-Others. Where new laws or policies favoring freedom of thought and action, information flow, and development of technologies or methods that serve the common good are being developed, we of the Service-to-Others are there. In sum, it balances out, else the rules would not allow such activity, being a breach as it would be of the Rule of Non-Interference.

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