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ZetaTalk: Close Encounter
Note: written Sep 15, 1995

Humans have categorized interactions with aliens as Close Encounters, basing the types on the degree of physical interaction and whether the human reports a resulting injury. In all of these Close Encounters, it is assumed that humans are being done unto by aliens. These are not our categories, as we find no difference in any of these encounters, and we also find the premise wrong as in all cases a human gave The Call. Confusion on this issue is due to the human conscious picking and choosing what it wishes to be aware of. Contactees allow themselves to be labeled abductees when they are fully participating. The label was applied early, and stuck, as any contactee indicating willingness was generally treated by researchers and therapists alike as though they were diseased. Claims that a human was injured as a result of a Close Encounter should be examined as to how the injury came about. The Rule of Non- Interference does not allow aliens to have any contact with a human not desiring this. If a human gives The Call to aliens in the Service-to-Self, and during the ensuing Close Encounter of the 4th or 5th kind submits willingly to the domination of these aliens, the human has given permission for physical injury to occur.

The recent fascination with initiating contact is all to the good, however, as this indicates increasing acceptance of the concept that humans are in charge of contact, which they in fact are. The focus has moved from alien invasion to an invitation extended to aliens. Quite an improvement. Why is there not a category for this type of Close Encounter in Vallée's list? Perhaps this could be called Close Encounters of the 6th kind - invitations.

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