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ZetaTalk: Pre-Birth Agreement

Note: written Sep 15, 1995

How can the hybrid program continue along family lines if The Call must be given by a human before contact can be made? Are all these family members just conveniently falling into line, giving The Call, just as the genetic engineers need their sperm and ova contributions? Hardly. The hybrid program involves a tiny number of humans relative to the populace as a whole, but their cooperation is key to success. Consequently, at least one, and more often two children within the family line have been screened prior to birth for their willingness to cooperate. By this we mean that the incarnating spirit has been so screened, and in almost all cases remembers this on a gut level.

UFOlogists speculate on the number of contactees, but they are nowhere near the correct number. The number of known contactees, those who have undergone hypnosis or systematic recall and fit the classic hybrid program pattern, is small - a few hundred. The number of postulated contactees, based on the results of a small survey, is in the tens of millions. The true number of humans in the hybrid program is in the thousands, and the majority will never be known to UFOlogists because they are quietly cooperative and suffer any inconveniences in silence. Does the pre-birth agreement ever run amuck? Rarely, but when it does extreme measures are taken in order to continue the hybrid program on schedule. The recalcitrant entity is removed from the human body, which is put into deep paralysis while the genetic sample, scarcely to be missed by the human, is taken.

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