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ZetaTalk: Antichrist
Note: written by Jul 15, 1995

The Antichrist represents the last minute struggle for the souls of men by those in the Service-to-Self. As calamities increase due to the disruption of weather caused by the giant comet drawing nigh for its appointed passage, and as fear and anxiety increase as the Millennium itself approaches, the opportunities for those in stable positions of power in the Service-to-Self camps to secure recruits increases. They have always planned to hover about the Earth at this time, so as to answer The Call in the strongest manner possible, to leverage every opportunity to the max, as you say. Is there a single individual who will incarnate at this time and lead, as some have speculated? No. As we have explained, unless this occurs due to a walk-in or possession, Service-to-Self entities from other worlds cannot incarnate into human form at this time. Only those in the Service-to-Others can do so, as this is the overweening orientation of the Earth and also the Earth's future.

The Antichrist concept, being vague, has taken shape in the minds of those who hear this prophecy as either a single charismatic leader, a group following such a leader, or property and people who carry an ownership mark - the mark of the beast. None of these are true, as the battle is on an individual basis, within each individual human encouraged to follow the Service-to-Self path. The Antichrist represents, by parable, what is occurring now and has been for some years - the battle for men's souls during the end time - the time going into the cataclysms - and the years in the Aftertime, all of which is the Transformation period. This time is now.

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