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ZetaTalk: Contactee Call
Note: written by Jul 15, 1995

The Service-to-Self oriented, which we cannot address in great detail due to the Rules of Engagement, should not be confused with ourselves. Many abductions where there are genuine complaints are due to The Call being given to the Service-to-Self. Our treatment of our contactees and treatment at the hands of the Service-to-Self are wholly different.

Our hybrid program is carried out by volunteers. The cries of distress by our contactee-volunteers are no more than the complaints made after vaccination by your military volunteers. Our actions are not harsh or inflicting permanent or great harm. We will address some of our actions, as examples. We accept the gift of genetic material, most often in the form of sperm or ova. We accept the offer of the use of a donor's womb, in the precious early weeks which are so crucial to the very young. The donor's womb is the least harsh environment, as there is genetic compatibility beyond any other. There is also love, as a mother to its young, which is a factor in all life generating operations. Love improves the success ratio. We, the Service-to-Others Zetas, follow and monitor many individuals. Some of these individuals are involved in our hybrid program, most are not. Individuals monitored are sometimes examined and assisted with health problems.

The above examples of our alien-human interactions, which are typical but by no means represent all of our interactions, sometimes results in human complaints. The human was frightened, was inconvenienced, has a mark or a scar. We would call attention to how often humans complain about situations they volunteer for and have no intention of terminating - marriage, employment, parenthood, filial responsibility, government service, public office, friendship. Do you complain about these situations, the demands, the conflicts, the burdens? Most certainly. Just so, not all alien interactions, entered into voluntarily, are recalled as a tea party afterwards. This does not change the essential nature of The Call given, as voluntarily.

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