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ZetaTalk: Why Incarnations
Note: written Jan 15, 2002

At what point do incarnations cease to be a learning tool? Humans entranced with Out-of-Body experiences imagine this to be a goal, as they see so many advantages. They could spy on their neighbors, gain information useful in power plays, and just travel without expense or distress. However, Service-to-Other entities intent on their lessons do not consider such skipping out of school an advantage.

Thus, incarnation are seen as a tool, and until the soul has grown beyond this point, and has learned all the lesson that could be learned from incarnation, there is no press to avoid them. Humans experience Out-of-Body during suffering, as many Near Death Experiencers will tell you that they viewed their moment of death from outside their body. Torture, or intense pain, will likewise cause the soul to jump out of the body, and the body and soul then remember this and attempt to repeat it. This is discouraged by the Spirit Guides, who consider this skipping out of school, and the soul is forced back into the body by various means. As you mature, and move forward into higher densities, this desire to skip out of school will cease.

Many life forms in 3rd Density are incapable of manipulating their environment. They can have empathy with each other, the key ingredient for development past 3rd Density, as the Service-to-Other vs. Service-to-Self decision can be made. But for water creatures, for instance, who have no appendages and cannot manipulate their environment, technology is not possible. We have mentioned that Crop Circles are done by water creatures who could not travel to this planet unless assisted. They function in 4th and even 5th Density, in this life form, but do not construct or operate space ships. This is done for them. They are able, through physical means, primarily what you would consider mental powers, to create the crop circles. Thus, technology, which is whiz-bang to humans, is merely viewed as a toy, and the lack of technology not a reason to avoid incarnations.

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